Indian food…
American Dream! 

'Open sesame': Ali Baba Kebab is a route to ancient spices

“We don’t want to pigeonhole the menu because it touches a variety of cultures from India, its neighbors (Pakistan, etc.) on through to the Middle East. In essence, the ancient spice route.” READ MORE

Irresistible Indian food coming to Kenmore

Kattu’s place, Alibaba Kebab, 900 William St., has become an East Side sleeper hit for its Indian values, with fresh bread, kebabs, curries, and irresistible tandoori chicken wings. READ MORE

At Alibaba Kebab, Bombay flavors at Buffalo-friendly prices

The well-spiced meat and the sauces’ richness and tang cut through a heap of fluffy rice and makes them an exemplar of mildly exotic comfort food. 


About the owner Anand Kattu

Like so many other people from around the world, he was just a young man who came to this country all alone from India, seeking the American Dream. This is the remarkable success story of Anand Kattu, who has demonstrated that hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off when you diligently strive to accomplish and achieve your goals and dreams.

For Anand, who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of most successful business people, his road took several different twists and turns before finding his niche in the restaurant business. His journey in Buffalo, NY started 24 years ago, where he was looking for a better opportunity and heading to what would prove to be his greatest success of all time.

Upon arriving in the US, Anand delved in and found success in many business ventures including real estate. Once again, desiring to find his niche, he came up with the unique market concept of a fast casual takeout Indian restaurant as opposed to the traditional sit down Indian restaurant.

This creative concept soon came to fruition as he opened up Alibaba Kebab restaurant in 2017 on William St. and Fillmore Ave. in the City of Buffalo. His fusion on Indian and Mediterranean cuisine became an immediate hit with customers and lovers of great food for people from all over Western New York. Anand started a trend in the marketplace as the innovator of the Indian/ Mediterranean fast food takeout restaurant experience. This was unique food that nobody around had with an incredible taste

The restaurant specializes in four major food categories: Kebabs, curries, signature wraps and most importantly, Alibaba Kebab’s bestselling rice box, created by Anand with insight from his senior chef Jakir. Because of his great tasting and unique foods, the restaurant enjoys a huge following in Buffalo with tens of thousands of devoted customers who cannot wait for their next taste of these delectable delights.

To keep up with the demand, Anand decided to invest and converted a dormant property of his into a central kitchen to supply food to the restaurants that he will open in coming years.

In 2021, he started looking to expand and grow his popular restaurant business. That’s when two great visionaries got together to scale the concept for growth and expansion would soon become reality. Anand hired nationally recognized and acclaimed retailer, marketer, promoter and Buffalo entrepreneur, Chris DelPrince, whose wealth of experience in multiple units and the restaurant business was a natural fit.

Their vision created a new brand, logo and look which can be seen at the new Alibaba Kebab restaurant, located at 827 Military Road in Kenmore, just past the city line. However, their vision moving forward is to open more restaurants and also help and support other entrepreneurs to open their own business, using their model.

Alibaba Kebab also specializes in catering and has catered to every major hospital and institutions in Western New York on regular basis. Anand is proud of the fact that he makes his food fresh daily, only uses the freshest, high quality ingredients and nothing but the traditional spices, which are all imported and the have many health benefits. There are three prominent reasons for the success of his restaurant; the amazing taste of his food; the many health benefits of his dishes and absolute freshness of every serving.

Anand is happily married and has three boys with his wife. His oldest son, Fazil is an emerging help in his business. 

As their slogan proclaims when you enter their restaurant, get ready to “FIRE UP YOUR TASTE BUDS!” because you can bet that you are in for a real unique and wonderful dining experience at Alibaba Kebab!


900 William St., Buffalo • 716-800-2222

827 Military St., Kenmore • 716-919-1111

Open: Monday thru Saturday 11:00AM – 12:00AM